The Conspiracy Palette – Shane Dawson and Jeffree Star Break The Internet

If you’re a pop-culture nut like me, then you’re surely aware of the recent collaboration between Shane Dawson and Jeffree Star: The Conspiracy Palette, a.k.a. the Shane x Jeffree Conspiracy Collection.

The much anticipated concert of these two YouTube celebrities has created a huge buzz on the internet, so much so that as soon as the collection went on sale it almost instantly crashed the website.

This palette is really the culmination of Shane and Jeffree’s friendship that began only a little more than a year ago, when Shane published the docu-series: “The Secret World of Jeffree Star” to his YouTube channel.

Shane Dawson

Shane Dawson is a YouTuber with over 20 million subscribers and started making videos on the platform about 10 years ago. He first started out with sketch comedy, creating and performing original characters, but over the years has shifted his content across a few different genres.

Some of his most viewed videos are the ones about conspiracy theories (hence the palette name) and his documentaries profiling other YouTubers such as Jake Paul, Tana Mongeau and Jeffree Star.

About a year ago, Shane together with his co-creator Andrew Siwicki, released the aforementioned docu-series, “The Secret World of Jeffree Star”, which so far has been viewed close to 50 million times. The series was the first real look many people had into the unfiltered and behind-the-scenes version of Jeffree’s life and allowed many people to develop a more multi-dimensional and empathetic opinion of him.

It was during the filming of this that the idea for Shane and Jeffree’s collaborative makeup palette was born. Jeffree really opened up to Shane personally as well as professionally and toured him through the warehouses where his products for Jeffree Star Cosmetics were created and stored.

Shane was visibly shocked and awe-inspired by the vastness of Jeffree’s growing makeup empire and at the time could never have imagined producing something along the same lines for himself.

Jeffree Star’s Influence

Jeffree Star is a beauty influencer with a massive following as well. He’s one of the most controversial beauty gurus out there on the internet, but thanks to Shane’s influence, has become more humanized than ever before.

After the Shane’s first docu-series was released, the reaction was clear: people wanted more of Jeffree and Shane. Jeffree had tossed around the idea of creating a makeup palette with Shane and also gently nudged him to consider switching to Killer Merch (a full-service merchandising company owned by Jeffree) to produce his apparel.

But Shane didn’t appear to take these suggestions too seriously until the fans starting weighing in. Also, for Shane it was a world that he was totally unfamiliar with – he was not known as a beauty guru and felt he didn’t know enough about the industry to actually partake in it.

But Shane’s rookie-ness with makeup would actually turn out to be one of the reasons that his palette would become so successful and once it was clear that people wanted to see this collaboration happen, Shane and Jeffree got to work.

A Unique Marketing Idea

Up until now, beauty influencers on the internet have basically all released their products in more or less the same simple way: either by sending out cryptic tweets leading up to their launch date or by just simply announcing that their finished products are now available on the market. There was no real effort made to produce major hype.

But Shane and Jeffree decided to do something different. Instead of simply appearing one day with a fine-polished product and offering that to their fans, they decided to take the fans on the journey with them, from conception to climax and beyond.

In order to do this, Shane, Andrew and Jeffree decided to produce another docu-series entitled: “The Beautiful World of Jeffree Star”, with one episode coming out every week in the month leading up to their launch as a way to create hype.

But the launch wouldn’t happen at the end of the series, instead it would happen in the middle of the series’ timeline. After that, another two or three episodes would still come out in order to tell the full story, for a total of about seven or eight episodes .

This is video by one of my favorite YouTubers named Andrei Terbea provides an in depth and fantastic analysis of the Conspriacy Palette phenomenon.

The Ingenuity of Shane Dawson and Jeffree Star

The Shane x Jeffree Conspiracy Collection sold 1 million palettes in 30 minutes and crashed the servers on Shopify (the host website). Where Shane and Jeffree got it right and where other beauty gurus perhaps got it wrong, was in how they managed incorporate their fans into their collection.

They were able to really weave them into the fabric of the whole thing by exposing every dirty detail of the process online, from brainstorming sessions to full transparency regarding production costs. They kept in mind that people are much more likely to get behind and purchase something if they feel that they are a part of it.

The Aftermath

Now that the palettes are sold out from Jeffree’s website and the re-orders have been made, we as fans wait in anticipation for what Shane and Jeffree will show us next.

With more than 1 million palettes sold, the entire Shane x Jeffree Collection sold out and hundreds of thousands more products in production, you can imagine just how much profit Shane and Jeffree are going to make off of this collaboration.

The after effects of such a successful business model could have an unimaginable far reach and Jeffree has already used his fame and wealth to create numerous jobs. I look forward to seeing what other great deeds these two will do in the future. We stan queer business tycoons!

6 thoughts on “The Conspiracy Palette – Shane Dawson and Jeffree Star Break The Internet

  1. Hi,

    This was such a cool read. I’ve just started getting into Jeffree Star makeup (before this year I was fairly clueless.) My housemate swears by the products, we’re both performers so I started taking an interest. Particularly in the lip products, such amazing colours!

    I also follow a lot of Tati Westbrook’s tutorials (bit controversial as I know they’re feuding) but I just love her and learn so much from her 🙂 Do you follow her videos?

    I hadn’t heard about this particular palette so will have to check it out!

    1. Hi Natalie,

      I’m glad you enjoyed the article! Yes I follow Tati Westbrook as well and find her videos very informative, although she’s not my favourite beauty guru – she lost me during the whole James Charles drama!

  2. Thanks for putting this article together. I really enjoyed reading about how the two came together. It’s like Jeffree and Shane are the “perfect storm” of cosmetics. Not only are the colors amazing, but they have a marketing sense that has lifted them beyond the traditional means of promotion. I’ll have to try to get my hands on this palette at some point!

    1. Hey Karen,

      Thanks for reading! I’m glad you appreciate their marketing brilliance as much as I do! Good luck and I hope you find a palette!


  3. Really love the article and the video. Never really got into conspiracy’s but the more I watched the video the more I was drawn to continue watching.

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