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Hi and welcome to Queerly Made! My name is Jesse and I started Queerly Made as a way to promote LGBTQ+ artists and entrepreneurs. As a kid, I always wanted to become an artist; I was fascinated by theatre and the arts, which eventually led me to become a professional dancer. It was through studying ballet and growing up in a community of artistic and queer people that I discovered and fell in love with LGBTQ+ culture.

Over the years, as I became more comfortable with my sexuality and as queer culture merged more into the mainstream, I became generally pop-culture obsessed as well as a huge fan of drag as an art form. It’s with this passion that I hope to bring you a selection of beauty products that some of my favourite Drag Queens, Beauty Gurus and LGBTQ+ people (including allies) have on the market today!


I grew up in a smaller city in the mid-western part of Canada in the 90s. As a young Canadian boy, it’s almost expected that you’ll want to play ice hockey- but that was not my destiny. I was way more into pulling out the pantyhose from my mom’s drawer and prancing down the stairs as ‘Panty-hose Man’ to a Spice Girls soundtrack. AKA I was a performer at heart, and luckily I had wonderfully supportive parents who nourished that in me.

At 15, I left home to study ballet professionally and at 20 I moved to Germany to start work in a ballet company. Today, I am lucky enough to live and dance in Europe and get to perform on stage regularly. Throughout this time spent in the dance and art world, I’ve had the privilege to get to know many artists and performers from all walks of life, including many LGBTQ+ people.


Some say we’re living in the ‘Golden Age of Drag’ and perhaps the best time so far for LGBTQ+ people to be alive in this world.

Thanks to the queer trailblazers of the past, we are now more visible and more accepted than ever. Drag Queens and other LGBTQ+ performers (actors, musicians, singers etc.) are not only thriving artistically, but also economically. What were once under paid and lesser known queer performers, have now become well known and well paid. Some now have major platforms with high quality products on the market and are on their way to business mogul status.

I believe that NOW is the time to celebrate and support our LGBTQ+ leaders by investing in their business endeavors and continuing this roll of queer visibility and acceptance we are on for the future!



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